19 May 2006

it's so, so, disappointing

one of my friends in london emailed me yesterday to tell me of his miraculously successful attempt to get a ticket for radiohead there last night. he phoned them up about 5 hours before the show and got the ONE remaining ticket.

and this morning, i got his review:

it was pretty good. nice to see them in a smallish venue for the first time in about 13 years.
they played for over 2 hours and let down was in there

i have seen radiohead five times now, and i didn't even bother trying for tickets to this tour because they were pretty expensive and i knew, KNEW they weren't ever going to play "let down" live again. and that's pretty much the only thing i'd need to see to complete my list of songs i want to see live (except for los pixies' "dig for fire"). so i was like, whatevs. but now, i see on a few setlists and have confirmation from a living friend of mine, that they are playing motherfucking let down on this tour. god fucking dammit!

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