24 May 2006

onion rings and pixies covers

i am hungover, so it's no surprise that an article in the times about a guy driving all over the country and eating a bunch of fast food caught my aching eye this morning. what was a surprise was his ability to appreciate The Varsity, an atlanta establishment for lots of years that holds a very special place in my heart (and not just because it's clogging my arteries). everyone has a thing at the varsity, and mine by far and away is the onion rings. they have what are basically broomsticks with loops of thinly sliced onions (vidalia?) stacked on that they dip in to batter and then fry. what you end up with is more like one mutant onion ring, but good lord are they delicious. what i wouldn't do for some right now.

what i do have right now comes to you courtesy of manlio, who correctly told me i'd love this> what happens when some dude with what is clearly limitless free time remakes pixies songs in the style of, oh, say, the beach boys? or the beegees? go find out. you will be rewarded.

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