31 May 2006

sheep in sheep's clothing

one of the things i vaguely remember from this weekend is telling xy over and over again that i was a sheep in sheep's clothing. at the time i thought it was immensely clever, but i have no idea what i was getting at, and the only reason i remembered it in the first place was the nofx review in pitchfork (linked above).

the best thing about summertime weekends is that all the prats tend to get out of town, leaving the increasingly smelly, steamy, sticky streets to people like me. this is also an important weekend for me because i moved here on memorial day in 2002, so i like to do as many new york-centric things as possible. and drink lots of beer outside.

saturday xx, guillaume and tbone and i took a lovely walk through red hook which began with an investigation of the future whole foods/current toxic waste dump (below and below), wove through the bqe (left) and culminated in a binge at the new red hook fairway (below left). $75 got us a bottle of the most delicious olive oil i've ever tasted, some sausage, steaks and FIVE kinds of cheese. xx and i have both decided we want to marry the cheese guy. we went back about three times and had what can only be described as completely retarded conversations about goat's milk brie and romano cheeses. as we rang up, the cashier asked 'do you always buy cheese like this?' it was more than slightly embarassing.

after dropping off the food, xx and i felt that magnetic pull towards the only place one should spend a sunny saturday afternoon -- gowanus yacht club. we followed this up (after xy joined us) with a trip to brooklyn social, where the aforementioned "sheep in sheep's clothing" comment occured. and where we later schooled two dudes who'd been at a wedding earlier that day at pool. again and again. turns out i don't actually suck at pool. at least not that much.

we knew things were out of hand when the barmaid from gowanus showed up at bsc, and then they were really out of hand when ivan, conjuring a serious case of deja vu, told everyone it was time to go home, please. i went to bed just as the sky was turning that very pretty but somewhat disturbing shade of blue and the birds in the tree outside my window were happily chirpping their heads off, making falling asleep at 530am a lot more difficult than it should have been.

11am! another stupid thing i said when xy and i were at brooklyn social was that i'd make breakfast the next morning. he forgets to take out the trash, or wash his dishes, etc. but does he forget i said i'd make breakfast? no. xx and xy and i united our hangovers to create some poached eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese grits and mango juice.

we headed into manhattan for the avenue c street fair, where jensenator met up with us and we all enjoyed various street foods and confusion over the number of "healthfirst" vans throughoutthe fair. we also noted a distinct lack of hipsters, which we compared with the overwhelming number we saw at our own 5th ave fair not long ago. where did they all go? xy and i had a swift half at
patio lounge, where i had some rasberry beer thing that tasted like black cherry soda. nice, but very sweet.

monday i had a delish brunch at five points with (beta), woozy and guillaume. passionfruit belinis = awesome! we popped over to lunasa for a couple hefeweizen before heading once again to the yacht club (which had been ransacked and was out of pbr, 160z bud, regular buds and various wursts) and eventually to commonwealth where we finally realized this beautiful gift of three days of perfect weather, walks and wheat beers was winding down. boo.

but fear not! tonight, we head back to our home away from home for trivia!

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