04 May 2006

cherry blossoms, fried clams, apple turnovers

sunday guillaume and i'd decided to get a zip car and drive to city island. saturday guillaume called and told me the exciting news that we had a convertible mini! hooray!

xx and i were really not feeling into the gym sunday morning, so instead we walked over to the brooklyn botanic garden for the cherry blossom festival. in a word: crowded. we were there at like 1130 and there were people everywhere. the whole blossoms thing was really
nice...petals floating on the wind and such, but the crowds destroyed any sense of tranquility the bbg originally set out to create.

xx and i immediately set out for the food tent, because as we all know, this is the most important thing about festivals, street fairs, etc. we joyously noted the presence of beer, and sorrowfully realized that we both had to leave to get to other stuff and would therefore not have time to indulge. then we wondered why so few people were drinking beer. after all, it was in the high 60s, sunny, and there was beer available. it wasn't until, oh, monday or tuesday night that i realized perhaps the reason people weren't drinking massive quanitities of beer was that it was, in fact, 1130 in the morning. whatever.

guillaume picked me up and we raced up the bqe to the bronx. city island is supposed to be this quaint little fishing village in the middle of the bronx, so it wasn't much of a surprise when it turned out to be a quaint little fishing village in the middle of the bronx. i saw a place called the "black whale" that looked good for brunch, but the smell of fried everything wafting out of sammy's fish box erased all thoughts of eating anywhere else. sammy's is a lot like the places in coney island, specifically it's like nathan's, but with mostly seafood. they have tons of seafood--clams, oysters, fish, lobster, crab, etc., prepared in various ways. plus corn on the cob, coleslaw, fries (not v. good) and lots of fruity drinks that looked like fun (non-alcoholic). oh, and beer. yeah.

guillaume and i split an order of fantastically fried clams, which we ate outside in the outdoor dinning room. picnic benches and lots of other people. they have wires above the whole thing which guillaume decided was for keeping away birds. especially since there were gazillions of seagulls all around, but they never came into the dining area. i think he was right.

after that, we hopped back in the mini and drove around some of the island. it's pretty small, and full of dead ends, so although it's a pain in the ass to get to without a car, it's probably more fun to explore on foot, but what do i know. it's pretty damn fun from a convertible mini, too. the houses are old. it sorta looks like a super crowded version of martha's vineyard...

we were almost out of the island when we both spotted the bakery: sugar & spice...home of the BEST apple turnover i've ever had. if you're one of those people who knows that americans are apparently incapable of making a croissant the right way, it's worth your time & effort to get to this place. they do it right. i'm pretty sure there was a pound of butter in there. the filling was very clearly homemade, too, but not too undercooked as can be the case. oh, god. delish!

so, get yourself a zipcar, or a friend's car, or take the subway/bus combination to city island. here's a
list of restaurants.

after that, we buzzed around orchard beach, which is seriously unnerving. guillaume and i kept saying to each other, "we're in the bronx, dude". cause you wouldn't know to look at it. we went on a mini hike and saw lots of dudes (and some dudettes) fishing.

all in all, it was sort of an idiotically springy day. especially since i followed it all up at jensenator's bbq.

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