01 May 2006

how it comes to pass that i, wild cherry sara, hater of all things applebees, end up at an applebees

friday night's plan:

meet xx at mj's on the way home.
get some drinks.
go to southpaw for John Vanderslice show *swoon*. (here's a video for 'trance manual'. i don't get it.)
take subway to battery park regal cinema for 1159pm showing of "air guitar nation".

friday night:

met xx at mj's
wandered aimlessly through east village wondering if we should grab a drink at lunasa or food at chickpea or just go back to park slope.
arrived park slope.
wandered aimlessly through park slope trying to decide where to eat.
realized maybe we should get to southpaw cause it's 9.
see 1.5 opening bands (page france, who i really enjoyed, somewhere near band of horses/the long winters/b&s; and some other band that sucked)
left before JV went on stage at 11, because we'd never make it otherwise (originally, doors had been listed, at least in my head, at 7. in reality, however, doors were at 8, meaning that although i forgot i had tickets to JV when i originally decided to go to AGN, when i remembered and decided i could easily make it to both, i was wrong.)
took a cab to le cite because i remembered courtlandt street was closed and could no longer be arsed.
arrived BPC 1045, noted 1130 line-up time (tribeca film festival stylee), noted need/time for beer.
noted severe lack of drinking establishments.
noted existence of applebees neighborhood grill & bar.
noted frustration.
entered applebees.
drank at applebees.
looked around applebees.
wondered what the hell kind of people actually enjoy going to and dining/drinking at applebees.
repeated the phrase "what the fuck are we doing at applebees? why does this place even exist?"
1140: called jonny 5.
jonny 5 was asleep, and clearly not going to make it to the city in time
1143: called the jensenator, who was at work. told him in no uncertain terms to leave now, because i didn't want to miss the movie waiting outside for his ass.
luckily someone agreed to hold jensenator's ticket for him and i went inside. he didn't show up until after the movie started and we didn't see him until after it ended. turned out he was sitting next to anthony rapp.
lamented coming home at 245am and being sober.

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