10 May 2006

the meeting: episode three

today we instituted the new 2pm meeting time. this is not as good as the 3 pm meeting time, but there is nothing i can do about it.

as i told you last week, we were all about cinnabon for this week's bribe snack. there is a cinnabon at the citigroup center on lexington. randy randy and i walked over to pick up some warm, delicious, gooey, nice-smelling, finger-adhesing, fantastic cinnabons. for those of you familiar with citicenter, there are big signs telling you what's inside all along the outside of the buidling.
"barnes & noble!", "houston's", "city sports", "cinnabon!", they proclaim joyously, beconing one and all to enter, have his or her bag scanned, and take part in the consumer mardi gras that lies within!

so in we went, randy randy and i both drooling over dirty thoughts about icing. i asked the security guard where the cinnabon was and he cooly said to me, "that's so over". "what?" i said. "but there's a giant sign on the outside of the building trumpeting its existence in here". "that's been gone for YEARS," said he, smiling, "here's STARwich, it used to be right here. scan your bag and come inside, you'll like it in here". "hm," said i and looked at randy randy. "what the hell are we gonna do now?" "there's dunkin' donuts," sr. security offered helpfully. little did he know i'd got munchins for the last meeting and i was NOT the kind of person who shows up with the same snack twice in a row. plus, i really wanted a fucking cinnamon roll.

we left the citicenter and i redirected us to au bon ex-pain-sive (sorry), where we got a cinnamon roll and a apple danish (not so great, but satisfying).

we did, despite only being three today, get something real accomplished at this meeting. perhaps they were a good idea after all!

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