04 January 2006

on an island in the sun

oh, yes. over the past three years, i have been able to convince the 'rents that me coming to atlanta for christmastime is a silly idea.
what is a better idea is if we go to a tropical location, where we can spend "quality time" together as a family.

this year the lucky destination was the island of st lucia.

it's a strange little island. 64% of the population is roman catholic. i found that bit of information really odd.

anyway, there was much lying around on the beach. i read the namesake, which was awesome.

i also, as you might have gleaned from this photo, went parasailing--finally. it was amazingly calming and terrifying all at once.

i bagged myself a digicam for xmakuh and returned to nyc yesterday in the midst of some disgusting weather.

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