05 January 2006

to be young and wild and free

the maj deegan and i celebrated our reunion after a whole week or so of not getting wasted with a visit to the brooklyn inn. we must have walked past it a dozen times and said, "we should check that out." in fact, we had every intention of doing that before xmas, but the strike made it a little difficult.

anyway, as far as bars go, this one isn't lacking in the main features. although the stella tasted really watery. then again, it's stella. pretty good jukebox, and also patrons of the jukebox. i never went to investigate it myself, but we were both pleased with the soundtrack of the evening.

it's a lovely old bar with a creaky floor, pool table and good beer selection. they're running the six point and old speckled hen for those of you who like beer with flavor. they use those mini fake pint glasses though and i hate that. but they are very quick on the buy-back.

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