23 January 2006

i looked all over town

after getting some substantial progress made with pinter, the maj, xy roommate and i walked to the brazen head for their clam shuck. i realized why it was called a "clam shuck" instead of a "clam bake". the clams are raw. there were raw oysters and both kinds of clam chowder as well. and beer.

the seafood lover in me was cowering. i'm just not into raw things so much. i tried two clams and passed them along to xy roommate, who grinningly said, "i'm pretty sure i'm gonna have food poisoning now". i got a bowl of clam chowder (new england style) and it was fantastic. i could've eaten a vat of that stuff. oh, so goood.

it started wearing on us, the ambiance of the place, the fact that people had babies with them, that we were of an entirely different generation of many of the patrons. the maj and xy wanted to shoot some pool, so we went over to magnetic field. it was beginning to feel like the triathalon all over again. we played a little pool and had a few beers.

then we hopped the b63 and went to commonwealth. where we met up with shwags and jonny 5. haven't seen those kids in a while. it was hi-lifes (lives?) all around and the shitfacedness began. having started drinking around 6, i had no clue what time it was when we left commonwealth for the olde carriage inn.

this place is pretty strictly local, but they didn't seem to mind us crashing the party. we shot some more pool. someone tried to show me how to aim. jonny 5 and i discussed led zepplin. and then. there was. karaoke. xy and i sang "don't stop believin'" and it was certainly the highlight of my day. it was also the point at which i went from super drunk to really fucking wasted so let's go home now.

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