22 December 2005

the last hour has been very fruitful

ok, so i can finally start gearing up to complain about the subway again, as they've decided to go back to work.

not only that, but i just recieved two pretty rad gifts from the people for whom i work: a very pretty bowl and a bottle of APPLE BRANDY!!!! hurrah! have graduated to point where even my boss gives me alcohol.
next stop: church basement.

barring any major developments in anything, i'm signing off until the new year. tomorrow we have the day off, and all signs point to me finally getting my ass to the met's van gough exhibit, assuming it's still on. from then on it's a mixture of chinese food, plane flights, fruity cocktails, sunshine, blue waters and figureing out how to use the camera i have it on good authority my 'rents got me for xmas. wait, channukah.

happy new year to all my faithful readers!! :)


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