13 January 2006

like puzzle pieces from the clay

drinks with the brit were in the old diary for last night, and we decided to go to the scratcher. the brit goes there all the time and is always talking about it, and she'd piqued my interest. "i've never been, so let's go!" said i.

so we walked downtown, grabbed some chickpea yummies and popped over to the scratcher. as soon as we walked up to it, i laughed. "i've totally been here before. on a blind date. it was terrible" and for the first time since it happened i thought about the randomness of this one night with a guy i didn't know when we tried to pretend that dating is fun. a friend from work had set us up for reasons unbeknownst to me. we had a fair amount in common, but it was just enough to get through a beer or so before we called it quits. i'm pretty sure the only reason i agreed to it in the first place was so i'd have had the experience of going on a blind date.

anyway, dodgeball played its magic (even though i accidentally checked in twice, and xx roommate will surely accuse me of trying to up my numbers to get back into the top 10), and dave c. showed up with his friend ethan. dave continued our discussion about how dating sucks by telling us that he had a date that very night, and could only stay for a while. he posed the very excellent question: why do people have to date, why can't they just hang out? why indeed, dave.

but this is sounding a bit too much like the little interludes with sjp at her ibook in sex and the city.

i went home and watched the west wing, to which i've lately become addicted thanks to dvr. it was the one where zoey gets kidnapped. gripping. and even though lovely dvr lets me fast forward through the ads, i saw the m&m's ad that abducted I&W's "such great heights" and rewound it because it still puzzles me. it managed to puzzle me even more this time, because it was about 15 seconds long. why do they do these "short versions" of ads? not that i really enjoy long ones, but i couldn't even enjoy a little bit of the song whilst i wondered who's weird-ass idea was it to sell m&m candies with and I&W song that has very little to do with candy. of course, they're making more sense than honda.

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Anonymous said...

it wasn't an ibook. it was a powermac g3 or some shit like that. -the old roommate