13 January 2006

what happens when you assume no one reads your blog and it turns out they do

my friend lester, who i mentioned only recently just sent me this email:

You are being sent this letter to inform you that Lester's people request a cease and desist in your libelous attack on our client's musical taste. He informs us that he has never "ripped shit" from any televised teenage drama, as their soundtracks come out six months after these songs are popular, although our client and his friends constantly marvel at the songs that make their very mainstream soundtracks and can only imagine 13 year-old girls rocking out to them, in a way making them good for the industry and those artists. And also, you found the Earlimart song.

What a good day to randomly check your blog.

luckily, lester is one of the greatest people in the world--i would like to take this opportunity to declare my undying love for him forever and ever--and so was not upset. i frantically wrote him back apologizing for insinuating that he isn't the raddest mixtaper in the east, which he no doubt is. of course, i didn't really think he was just recording songs off the oc (you are, however, busted for watching Grey's Anatomy--what was with that shitty compilation episode last week?). my favorite thing about this whole debacle is that i gave him that earlimart song, not the other way around. so i should really be doing a little more fact checking, it seems.

anyway, i blame J.T. Frey.

related: i just got a good look at James Frey's cover. seriously, it's a picture of someone's hand covered in sprinkles. sprinkles.

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