11 January 2006

brits reportedly enjoy being "not sober"

from los tiempos, an in-depth look at drunk british politicians and cricketers (-teers?).

Although a fellow legislator rebuked him for being "in this condition" (it is considered poor manners to accuse another member of being drunk, and the insult "not sober" was reportedly banned in 1945), Mr. Clark did not lose his job.
still with manners.

For Britons, alcohol is a relaxant, an emollient, a crutch, an excuse.
as opposed to the rest of us, who use it to cure rashes.

they drink so that they will have license to behave badly
and yes.

young people on cheap package tours disgust the local residents by their fighting, vandalism and public displays of vomiting and al fresco sex.
do you think the vomiting goes before or after the al fresco sex?

i had no idea the times could make me laugh so hard. check out the antics of the Labor foreign secretary George Brown.

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