27 January 2006

i'm an album behind

i just got "me first" by the elected. lester put "greetings in braille" on one of my mixes and i totally dug it.

i wrote him: so are the elected any good?

he wrote me: The elected are usually born rich and completely out of touch with the problems of the average person, but I guess a few honest people get in every once in a while. Oh wait, you meant the band.

i mulled it over for, well, over a year, it seems, and finally just ordered it on deep discount. i have to say, it's a lovely record. it's a folkier version of postal service. i've only listened once, but i can't wait to get this on the 'pod and take it for a walk over the brooklyn bridge.

i've seen lukewarm words about "sun, sun, sun", but i think i might have to give it a shot.

i absolutely refuse to buy jenny lewis's album. her voice is one of the nicest sounds in the world but her lyrics are god awful.

and that's my little thought about music for the day.

oh yeah, and i am really, truly in love with my morning jacket.

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