30 January 2006

i am tired

i'm getting to one of those points where i realize i just go out too much. this weekend did nothing to remedy that problem.

friday i met up with the jensenator at blue 9 burger (mmmmmm) and then hopped down to webster hall for broken social scene. they were amazing, as usual. they had all their special guests and a bunch of horns and they went on pretty early, which was lucky because i had to leave at 930 to meet the maj for "dog sees god".

we saw eliza dushku outside the theatre. she was really very sweet with the six or so people swarming around her. the play itself is very funny and all the actors were pretty good with the timing. the cast is full of people from movies. one dude was in rules of attraction, eliza dushku's done a bunch of stuff, and the guy who plays CB was in american pie and harold & kumar go to white castle.

the only problem was the couple sitting in front of us who had no idea how to act in a theatre. he kept leaning over and talking to his companion rather loudly. saying, after a thinly veiled reference to woodstock (the bird) was made, "oh, tweety!" and then when cb's sister came on stage, "is that lucy?" i wanted to smack him. but i didn't. that would be rude.

saturday the plan was to get to magnetic field for the soul shakers. but that got all fucked when we decided we should start drinking at 4 and bar hop to mag. field. we had one at the gate, ate dinner at song and then went to brooklyn social and camp. we stalled out at camp for various reasons, the most important of which is the bartender kept buying us drinks and how do you leave a place when there's free beer? answer: you don't. until you're really fucking wasted.

with yet another hangover sunday, i dragged myself into the city and saw munich. a very good movie i never want to see again. cirian hinds was so fucking awesome, though. it was long, but intense. when i got home the next logical step seemed to be watching ray, because you should always follow one depressing, based on a true story movie with another depressing, based on a true story movie.

thank god the SAG awards were on, otherwise my brain might have exploded from overuse.

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