27 January 2006

who shall i blame for this sweet and heavy trouble?

well, myself. also, the makers of stella, the owners of camp, everyone i work with, and of course, the good old mta. and also microsoft word's fucked up track changes.

bonnaroo and i met up at camp for a drink after work. of course, one drink equals four and i gave up on dinner.

so of course, i was not in the chipperest of moods when i went for the subway this am. i just wanted to sit down and maybe have a quick kip on the way into work. but that was sooo not to be. did anyone else hate f train today? there were loads of people on the platform and i watched two trains (about 10 minutes apart) go by before i finally gave up and walked down to the r. and the walk from rock center was severely unpleasant. and now i have to fix this bullshit redline that i have to keep retyping because you can't just "accept changes" on the original (for those of you who don't understand what that means, keep yourselves in the dark, you'll be glad you did).

on a more positive note: i love chocolate milk. it's friday. i'm going to broken social scene and dog sees god tonight (a sad doublebook mistake on my part). camp has a REAL WOODBURNING FIREPLACE!

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