23 January 2006

save brooklyn social

after lolling around watching ghandi and doing laundry for the rest of friday, i met the maj for dinner at kinara and drinks at the always comforting BSC. i was slightly disturbed when, about halfway through the first drink, i noticed a sign reading "save brooklyn social".

"uh, what is that all about?" i asked the maj.
"dunno, we should find out", she responded.

so we asked the bartender who handed us a notebook. basically, the block is zoned residential and someone wants to shut down the bar.

this is beyond depressing and ridiculous. brooklyn social fills a gaping hole in the bar scene in brooklyn. plus, it's chill. of all the bars in all the world, why the hell would you want to shut down this one? it's not a raging goth club or anything. anyway, we signed the petition. you should too.

other things i learned that night:

Ivan is the barman of the century.
you can steal from book court pretty easily (at least considering i walked straight out with a book i had, in fact, paid for, but no one asked me about it)

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