17 January 2006

good morning! what the?

Hi, everybody! Did we all have a good long weekend? I did. I saw Collateral. I still hate Tom Cruise.

OK, so due to trivia, i missed the golden globe awards last night. which means, among other things, i will be scrounging around E! online and people and all that other shit looking for people in ugly dresses and such. but first, i have to express my complete shock and confusion at the fact i just learned:
Kung Fu Hustle was a nominee for best foreign film.
i'll admit i didn't see this movie. but i did see shaolin soccer, which turned out to be one of the most disappointing moments of my life. i went with the maj, and i'm pretty sure she enjoyed it, but i was stuck the whole time thinking "i really thought this was going to be so much better". perhaps Hustle had a more poignant backtory, or even freakier special effects or a better score or a better editor or something that made the hollywood foreign press take notice and put it on the list, but i'm just not ready to believe that.

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