09 January 2006

bocce in the off season

it turns out we are not as awesome as we think we are. xx roommate, maj deegan and i went to floyd saturday night after the maj suggested we play in the park eariler that day and i told her, no, i will not play in the park in 35 degree weather, but i will go play in a bar tonight...plus, i'm going to see harry potter.

quickly, harry potter is a disappointment. and no one can act. and i don't know why someone insisted in giving the poor weasleys the worst haircuts known to man.

anyway, we got to floyd around 9 and, as tends to happen whenever i leave the house, got wasted. by the time we played, we were more than a little sloshed and were just not holding it together. we lost 7-5. it was sad.

then we got a call for another party at the living room lounge, which is a cute little bar near green-wood cemetery, and a friend's house. there was much drinking.

sunday turned out to be a wash. we had plans to make spaghetti squash and artichokes but instead sat around watching telly and ordered in thai food. mostly because i couldn't get my shit together to season the squash. it's sitting in a giant bowl in the fridge right now. hopefully i'll get to it tonight.

the moral of the story is: you can't make spaghetti squash when you get really wasted and stay up all night.

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