13 January 2006

we drink on the job

in a continuation of the "brits love to drink" theme in the media this week, BBC says that stress is driving people to drink. amongst their highest complaints: IT problems. that's just weird.

whilst i was looking to link to a page with the lyrics to earlimart's "we drink on the job" i made a horrifying discovery: that song was on the OC. i have a friend who keeps me in quality mix cds, and it seems he's been ripping shit from the OC soundtrack. so now, through no fault of my own (i think i've watched one episode of that show), three or four of my favorite songs are OC babies. i feel like i should go to confession or something.

clarification-we all know above mentioned friend does not rip shit off the OC soundtrack. what is actually happening is the oc gets his mixtapes and puts the music in the show.

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