01 November 2005

what tha?

i don't know what the hell is up with this shit today, but the blog gods have been f-ing with me for serious. anyway, here's some stuff i dug up whilst waiting for this page to load:

gothamist talks about "
panic bars" (not to be confused with picnic bars) in the subways. it's true that in an emergency we'd all probably just pile up in the turnstiles and revolving doors would turn into food processors for humans. it reminds me again how the tube is better than the mta.

los tiempos del nueva york has a feature on "
organic" foods and how giant conglomorates have their little spinoff "organic" companies and how those companies are actually not selling entirely "organic" food. interesting break down of who owns what in the first few paragraphs and then into what the new rules certifying something "organic" will be.

stereogum says there's a new
tortiose covers album.

i don't know now i missed this yesterday, but curbed linked to it anyway: the times on gowanus...they even mention Monte's Venetian Room on Carroll Street, open since 1906, which is a bomb restaurant between 2nd and 3rd ave.

and from when i was in atl, gothamist had a list of the fountains of new york.

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