16 November 2005

suicide bomb this!

If particles of ignited white phosphorus land on a person's skin, they can continue to burn right through flesh to the bone.

Long-term exposure to lesser concentrations over several months or years may lead to a condition called "phossy jaw", where mouth wounds are caused that fail to heal and the jawbone eventually breaks down.
the jaw bone's connected to the -- wait a minute.

The US initially denied reports it had used white phosphorus as a weapon in Falluja in November 2004, saying it had been used only for illumination and laying smokescreens.
naw, man, we ain't do that shit.

However, the US has now admitted its forces also used white phosphorus rounds to a lesser extent to flush enemy forces out of covered positions, allowing them to be targeted with high explosives.
well, sorta...

it's not illegal to do what the US did, but it's still gross. more.


Anonymous said...

Actually it is illegal.

wild cherry sara said...

but it said in the article it wasn't!! i swear!