14 November 2005

well, how did i get here?

despite the fact that i've had that song in my head all day due to a morning rendevous with the heads, it will make perfect sense in my very own lifetime in roughly an hour. when i go for the first and last time to the 21 club.

they have lawn jockeys in front! they don't let people in in jeans or trainers (i am wearing trainers anyway, as it is a private function, they can't turn me away, eat that!)! they charge god knows how much for a beer! (yes, i will go in there and ask them what their cheapest alcoholic beverage is and purchase it.)

just so i don't sound totally self-absorbed (on my blog about me), i'll have you all know that i did debate wearing a skirt and boots or something kinda spiffy this morning, but i decided against it. i now fully regret that decision as it turns out tonight we will be taking our team picture at our bocce game (from which we will emerge victorious with a 5 - 0 record!), and i would have worn a skirt and boots for that.

i knows how to prioritize. the full deets on club veinte uno tomorrow.

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