29 November 2005

doves are just white pigeons

there's a door to the stairwell in my office. for some reason, this door also leads to a tiny, fenced-in something or other that goes outside. basically, you open this door and there it a 13-story drop, defended by chain-link. pigeons seem to like to hang out in this little area, but it seems that they're sorta getting stuck in the chain-link and it pulls their feathers off. then their feathers blow under the door and into the lobby of the office. and today, somehow, they made it all the way down the hall of one side of the office.

in short: there are disease- and insect-ridden pigeon feathers on the floor all over the office today.

UPDATE: there is now a large clump of disease- and insect-ridden feathers rolling back and forth in the elevator bank.

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