14 November 2005

she came in through the bathroom window

friday i went to my first surprise birthday party. she was certainly surprised. mostly because her birthday was like a month ago, so why on earth should she expect a party now? but she was totally shocked and it was hilarious. there was also rad mexican food. oaxacan style. and a sweet strawberry shortcake from jr's.

then i booked into the city for a going away party at
ace. my friend is moving to bejing, and despite the fact that i will see him in three weeks in charleston, i thought i would stop by and do it up right. and play skeeball. never, in my vast planning of skeeball domination, did i stop to think that on a friday night, ace might be packed to the gills. with tools. i overheard a girl on the phone say, "i'm at a loyola party, it's kinda gay". and kinda gay it was. i couldn't get anywhere near those skeeballs...

and seriously, can people find somewhere else to do their bumps? i need to pee and i'm tired of waiting.

of course i had to meet up at
buttermilk with my roommate and another friend. it was this friend's birthday. unfortunately, she'd been burgled just the day before (she lives on 5th ave in park slope). apparently, they came in through the roof and took a bunch of cash, a laptop and an ipod or two. it was a total bummer, so there was all the more reason to get her shitfaced.

there was a lot of picking up going on at the 'milk on friday. which is strange because i don't really think of it as that kind of place...either way, i overheard one girl saying to her friend, "he was nice, i gave him my real number", which got me laughing for a few minutes.

saturday i moseyed through the city with a friend and we decided to walk across the w'burg bridge, because neither of us had done that and it was a nice day. aside from some super dickhead cyclist, it was a really cool walk. nice views, interesting grafitti and stickers everywhere. then we walked up bedford and popped in and out of a few shops. my friend bought an old edition of "the wizard of oz" at a stoop sale and some ashtrays at a vintage store and i got some super cheap hair dye at a drug store. i walked in and out of
earwax empty handed. (no, i did not take that picture.)

then we saw
jarhead on 3rd ave...i was really entertained by that movie. jakey did a pretty good job, i'd say. and i love love love peter sarsgaard. there was a lot more humor than i expected, and the scenery was dazzlingly surreal at times. definitely recommend seeing it in a theatre.

sunday we started rehearsal for our next production. i'll probably start some sort of log on the
website sooner or later...and i read the last THREE weeks' worth of sunday times. yeah. now all i have to do is catch up on crosswords.

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