29 November 2005

even the mta hates the mta

with a strike looming, the mta is really doing all it can to satisfy its employees:

combining the conductor and the driver into "subway operator" (it's like employees at subway sandwiches who are "sandwich artists")
having booth people/"customer assistance agents" (those dorks in the maroon vests) do a little tidying up, i. e., dust and wipe down the booths, empty trash cans and do other "cleaning functions" ha! cleaning functions. like cleaning urine and feces and semen off the platforms!! yeah!
and there'll be stricter rules concerning sick leave and less substantial health care and pension benefits for future employees; apparently, if you call in sick for the MTA, you might be visited at home in order to check and make sure you're actually sick and not just going to six flags...bummer.

i'm sure no one will end up satisfied at the end of this, least of all those of us who ride the mta daily.

the post seems to think everything will be fine.
and the daily news is pretty sure everything's gonna suck ass.

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