17 November 2005

i, love you, too

don't you love recruiters and employment agencies?

i love how you bring them your resume and they give you a clipboard and make you handwrite your resume all over again. that rocks.

i love how they ask you what you're interested in and, regardless of what you say, their answer is "i have something perfect for you" and then go on to explain a job that makes you like your current job (which sucks).

i love how they then say "well, maybe you'd be more intersted in [xyz industry]" as though it wasn't the first thing you mentioned when they asked you what you'd be interested in.

i love how they have boxes for "midtown" and "downtown" and even though you ticked the box for "downtown", they ask "how would you feel about working downtown?"

i love how they tell you, regardless of your experience or salary, that you are "a very special girl" and "wonderful" and "you should be making 10k more a year".

i love how they look at you like you're crazy when you tell them you don't really care if you have to make only slightly more than you make now (which isn't much), as long as it's something you actually have even a vague interest in doing.

i love how i still hope they will find me a job i love.

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