21 November 2005

for those of you who care, which is all of you

i am currently in the process of "catching some raisinets".

this is the stupidest thing i've
ever seen and it has the worst commercial ever produced. the first time i saw it, i thought it was for a 1-900 number or something...they cleverly don't mention the price at all, aside from the guy (the scene is ostensibly a date) saying "it costs less than this dinner". where they hell are they having dinner? taco bell? balthazar? this is pretty fucking vague. also, dinner is waaaaay better than a candle. candles are generally dumb gifts. and a candle that changes color will more than likely get hurled back at you, along with accusations of being a thoughtless, cheap boyfriend. stick with the dinner, boys. (this might be a link to a different company than the one for which i saw a commercial, but it still gets the point across...)

unfortunate circumstances led to me and my roommate having to watch grey's anatomy with commercials last night. god, commercials really suck. dvr, thou hath spoilt me.

anyway, one of the worst examples is this thing for i think fidelity investments. it shows all these pictures of paul mccartney, and lists all the things he's been: "beatle, wing, father, douche bag, sell out", etc. why the hell would seeing paul mccartney make me think about investing with fidelity? -- which leads me to wonder not only, "who the fuck came up with this garbage?" but also, "who the fuck is falling for this garbage?"

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