18 November 2005

what was i thinkin' when i let go of you?

last night confirmed at least one thing for me: it's been far too long since i've listened to wilco.

jeff tweedy played with glenn kotche (and his boxes of crickets) last night at the tribeca performing arts center as part of the "wall street rising Music Downtown" series.

glenn is insane. his hands were moving so fast, i couldn't keep up with what he was doing. his coordination is staggering. i've never seen anyone do so many things at once. he did some brazilian stuff and a balinese monkey chant (i think). and he had a lot of boxes full of crickets, about which i'm not entirely sure how i feel.

anyway, jeff came on and was very peppy. he talked a lot to the "great abyss", which did a lot of talking back, including one guy who said jeff had "already made my day", to which jeff responded "you taken away all my initiative to play now" or something like that...and another dude who asked if jeff would play a cover of a brian wilson song and really wouldn't get off it. jeff was pretty damn congenial about the whole thing and kept his sense of humor all night.

glenn came back for the first encore, as did Jim O'Rourke and they played a few tunes. i really can't remember anything of the order of the set, but there was a good mix of wilco through the years and some "loose furs" stuff, as well.

it was a completely refreshing experience, very intimate and fun, and the music was lovely. if anyone knows somewhere i can find a recording of it, let me know. sound left a little to be desired, but you can't have everything.

also, people don't really need to take that many pictures during a show. really.

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