09 November 2005

shout out loud on the essex green under the sun in your clogs for the bell orchestre

So, Friday turned out to be somewhat of a carbon copy of Thursday, only instead of basement bhangra, I saw the shout out louds with the essex green and the sun. (note to bands, think when you come up with a name…trying to google “the sun” or “the national” just doesn’t work out that well. It’s for your own good!) at bowery ballroom after chickpea and swift…

The sun went first, and although from the downstairs bar they didn’t sound like something I’d be interested in, we got upstairs for their final three or so songs, which rocked, very brit-poppy. They’ve got a myspace page with some music

My friend and I spent most of the Essex Green’s set deciding which band they were ripping off—B&S, Bryan (yes, Bryan) Adams, The Lemonheads—they really were lacking in the creativity department, but they weren’t horrible to listen to.

The SOLs were raging. They had a bit of a sticky start, with some feedback and monitor problems, but by the third song, the crowd were bouncing and everyone was rockin’. I’m trying to remember the set, but I can’t. Lots of Howl Howl Gaff Gaff and a couple new ones. They also covered the
pogues beautifully.

Then, of course, I suggested a post-show drink. So we went to
Lucky Jack’s, which was totally B&T’ed up, but we stayed there for god knows how many beers (one of which I knocked over and when the barman replaced it, I wished he hadn’t) and danced our asses off.

Saturday and Sunday were devoted to not having
cold water and brunching and drinking outside and tv watching and Sunday New York Times reading…

Then, monday, we went to
tonic for the clogs/bell orchestre show. Needless to say, it was mind-blowing. Unfortunately, it was super hot at Tonic so we were yawning a lot. And the guy behind us said, rather loudly, “all New York girls are damaged in the brain”, which was the source of endless amusement all night.

The Clogs were definitely subdued. Pretty, but so quiet we could hear the jams coming up from downstairs and when someone said “transsexual” towards the end of the song, we all heard him. Either way, it was lovely music and I ended up buying Lantern from Rachael, who I didn’t realize was in the band until after I said, “I don’t know, which one do you like best?” and noticed she was wearing the same outfit as the bassoonist, d’oh.

Just before Bell Orchestre went on, some guy was pushing his way past me. Just as I was about to passively-aggressively respond, I noticed his French horn--“ah, he’s in the band”, and all was forgiven. Have you ever noticed how gorgeous a French horn is? All those tubes going in a million directions? Super cool.

Anyway, somewhere between the beginning of the set and my third Anchorsteam (which I was lucky enough to get via the bartender mishearing my friend when he ordered me an Amstel Light—and why don’t we get normal Amstel here, anyway?), the drummer used a typewriter for one of the songs. Then, he pulled out the paper and balled it up and threw it into the crowd…and the freakshow who caught it didn’t deem it important enough and just dropped it on the floor.

This caused me to make one of my patented bitchy remarks about how stupid that guy was for just throwing it on the floor, which caused my friend to crawl all down on the floor and grab it and give it to me, and here’s what it said:

hfuck this is cool I have paper tonight
I am at Tonic and I have always wanted to play here finally
I am going to maybe make an airplane and chuck in into the

I am not the fastest typer in the world but I like my job

That cheeky bastard was using three drumsticks, too.

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