28 October 2005

"we got drunk at brooklyn"

this is a direct quote from a friend last night. he knew i would do this, and he'll probably never read it, so everything works out well.

i took hold of life and for the last time (i'm guessing) until spring walked over the brooklyn bridge on my way home. i've been doing it a lot lately and it's really nice. but now it will be dark. and depressing.

anyway, i met above mentioned friend for the gowanus canal blues & cruise to benefit the
dredgers, sos they can build a boathouse. good enough for me. they have super cute t-shirts, which i resisted. for $25 we got all you can eat bbq (sort of) and lots of brooklyn lager (yum!).

unfortunately, we got there a little "late" (it had started at 6, we got there around 7) and had missed the mac 'n' cheese, veggies and most of the mashed potatoes (i managed to scrape some off the tray). but there were amazingly delicious ribs, some very weird pork tacos, teeny tiny tasty hamburgers, chicken i didn't taste, veggie burgers i didn't taste and hot dogs i did taste that were also yummy.

they were doing boat rides on the canal but i was just too freaking cold for that shit. there was a pirate and a pretty fun "bluegrass & sebastian" band (my friend's words, not mine). the smell of fire and fall floated through the breeze and the bread pudding was cold by the time it got to the table, but still delicious. we hung out for about an hour, ate & drank our money's worth and then ran to the warming arms of brooklyn social. then the even more warming and closer-to-home arms of commonwealth. their new patio is the bomb. i can't wait for spring to come so we can use it!

also, wild cherry pepsi tastes pretty good with some balvenie.

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