19 October 2005

save the clock tower

everyone knows that the atlantic yards development is shit. last night there was a public hearing which was apparently every bit as raucous as it should have been. i managed to pick up one of those bundles of propaganda ratner's buddies are touting as newspapers, the brooklyn standard, and it's even worse than i imagined. it's literally 8 pages or so of pro-arena, pro-development bullshit. from the article about how frank gehry is going to be "brooklyn's arichtect" (or something to that effect) to how the development would create so many jobs and places to live. it's manipulation at its worst on a grand scale.

but the point is, we still have a chance to stop this idiocy from happening. the hearing was mainly to discuss things like how the sidewalk outside,
the Gehry-designed concert hall in Los Angeles had exceeded 136 degrees. "Passing motorists were blinded by the glare, while pedestrians had to cross the street to avoid the intense heat," she said.

dddb has some handy-dandy info if you want to submit your own testimony to the impact the project will have on bklyn...
You may submit written testimony up until 5:00 p.m. on October 28th, either by mail to:Atlantic Yards
c/o Planning & Environmental Review
Empire State Development Corporation
633 Third AvenueNew York, NY 10017
or via email to:atlanticyards@empire.state.ny.us

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