20 October 2005

Skeptics of the World Unite!

the Times proves i'm not the only one who doesn't trust the MTA as far as it goes on a weekend night...

oh my god, beware, Logic ahead:
"There's no question that the most responsible use of the money would be to pay down the authority's unfunded pension liability. The M.T.A. is a monopoly service provider. If they want to buy good will, they should improve service."

just what kind of crazy talk is this? improve service you say? cut the pension liability? utter madness. no, we shall give a band aid and a licorice-flavored lollipop to the girl who's hand has been chopped off. do not, i repeat, do not, sew the hand back on!

and to make matters worse, the f i was riding on this morning pulled into the E platform at w4th and it was announced that it would be making all stops on the E line due to a stalled train at Spring Street. i love how the f just isn't that important. nooo, the E must be covered. screw people on the f.

i hate the mta.

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