10 October 2005

rainy day woman

i had been looking forward to this rain-soaked weekend ever since i heard of its impending arrival. i would need no excuse to sit around the house in my pajamas for most of the day and do little more than eat, knit and watch television. for the first time in weeks, i would have time to read the whole sunday times. the braves would be on. i was set for lethargy.

but i would have to earn it. friday brought another birthday party. the husband of the woman who is responsible for some of my more
intense hangovers brought me to the magician for the first time in i don't know how long. partying with the brits is always dangerous work, but i managed to hold myself to a strict "no shots" rule, which made for a much less brutal hangover. for reasons i will never understand, we ventured down to happy ending around 3 am. i do not and will not ever see the appeal of this place. it is ridiculously humid inside and the jew in me couldn't help but be a little freaked out by the showerheads everywhere. still, we stayed until we were forced to slog outside and get some taxi action home.

arriving home at 5 am, i threw open my window as wide as the air conditioner would let me and fell into bed listening to the heavy drops falling on the trees and street outside. bliss.

i awoke around 10 for no apparent reason. immediately the telly went on and i assumed the position on the couch. a friend came over and we dispatched a roommate to get flour and chocolate chips, because we were gonna eat us some chocolate chip cookies. and that we did. along with some annie's mac & cheese with avocado, which, at that moment, was the best food ever. there was just nothing left in me. i couldn't move, could barely talk. i was capable only of aiming my glazed eyeballs toward the flashing light from the tv. but we decided anyway to venture out to see
the squid & the whale, which was playing at our local "home of noah baumbach" movie theatre. NB writes near-perfect dialogue and i'm even venturing to say every actor in that movie, aside from anna paquin who, for no apparent reason, drives me nuts, did a brilliant job. that was really about all the activity i could handle for one day.

sunday was slightly more productive...i started the day with a visit to the gym, and on my way home i noticed while we didn't have our sunday times, the deli downstairs was sporting one of those unmistakable blue bags. i figured maybe my roommate had already got up and gotten ours, so i left it there. but he hadn't. so when i went back out a little later, i went into the deli, which was now open and which no longer boasted a times, and asked if they'd seen it. "no, no", they said. i'm a pretty good detector of bullshit and these rats were lying. i couldn't for the life of me figure out why anyone would steal half the sunday times. they couldn't re-sell it or anything. so i went up to another shop to buy cream, which my deli doesn't have, and to blue apron foods, which has my favorite heart-attack inducing brie. on my way back, i noticed that on the newspaper stand outside, which normally housed only the post, the sun, the daily news and the park slope courier, was a lone, once-folded sunday paper. or, half the sunday paper. i looked right at them though the door and took it back. my cornershop is stealing our newspaper and lying about it. what is this world coming to?

i made tomato basil soup and ate about 1/8th of a pound of brie. then i watched the braves and the astros engage in one of the most exhausting games of baseball ever. which, of course, the braves lost. although my "fuuuuuck" rang out for probably a couple block radius, at least now i don't have to pay attention to it anymore. i don't like any of the teams left. i'll go for the cards, i guess.

and what better way to spend the end of a lazy weekend is there than to order in thai food and watch the office christmas special?

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