19 October 2005

don't let those bastards fool you

there's a lot of hulabaloo about the proposed holiday fare reductions. it's a sweet concept, but a lot of the reductions won't impact many new yorkers. i think the biggest beneficiaries of this will be irritating fanny-pack wearers (i.e., tourists). plus, you can only get the special "39-day metrocard" if you buy it with cash. why? i use transitchecks, and i think they're great. a lot of people use them. the mta should be encouraging their use, not rewarding people who use cash...it's just stupid.

and, as per usual, i'd much rather see every cent going to cleaning up stations and improving the system overall...there's plenty that needs to be taken care of. i see how a lot of people are gonna get really excited over the idea of saving a few bucks a weekend, but it's sort of too little, too late. we're already used to paying $2 a ride, so just make the ride better.

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