11 October 2005


joemca played at scenic last night. it was my first time there and i really liked it. very nice, comfy space and lots of room. the downstairs space is a little cramped--esp the stage--but still functional, with great bar service. anyway, we noticed on the chalkboard outside that it said "david cross dj" or something so we were very excited when david cross showed up at some point and went up to the dj booth. he's got pretty good taste in music.
demetri martin, a pretty funny comedian who's getting a lot of press these days (he also mced the coney island across the narrows shows) was also there. i wanted to say something but instead i just tapped him on the shoulder because he was blocking the doorway.

and why is it that when someone says 'wanna go to buttermilk?' on the way home from the city i say 'yes'?


Anonymous said...

I dunno. Why? Oh, that's not a joke, is it? I have the same question -- or I would if my brain would stop throbbing long enough to formulate such a query. Also, you didn't mention how much Joemca and Poets rocked last night.

wild cherry sara said...

i thought it was understood that joemca and poets rocked the hizzie.

another "champagne of beers" please.