17 October 2005

major barbara

i've just got wind of this ridiculous plan to put a gap in where the salvation army store used to be on 5th ave. a friend sent me this post from curbed, which i followed to this post on only the blog knows brooklyn.

seems not only is it gonna be a gap, but a
bloody gap fucking kids. behold the vomit rising in my throat.

it's always been really nice living in park slope, we only have two starbucks, two mcdonald's, two subways, a quiznos and the b&n in terms of mega-chains (i suppose the numbers go up if you count 3rd & 4th ave...) and for the most part both 5th and 7th avenue have their own character. but a gap signals a very bad turn in my opinion. hopefully i'm just overreacting.

anyway otbkb also has this handy-dandy list of what's changing in the 'hood:
--Beet. Thai Cuisine. Seventh Avenue betwee 9th and 10th (Opening October 18)

--Something new. Seventh Avenue between 13th and 14th (Opening in Nov.)
--Toy Space. Seventh Avenue between 14th and 15th Street (Now Open)
--The Gap. 13th and Fifth Avenue. In the old Salvation Army (Opening TBA)
--Perch, a new restaurant on Fifth Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets (opening soon).
--Rare Device: 453 Seventh Avenue (in the process of opening).
--Expansion of D'Vine Taste. Seventh Avenue nr. Garfield (in progress).
--What's going in between Union and Berkeley??? (anyone know?)
--Good Footing on Seventh Avenue at Union is GONE!
--Brooklyn Industries on Seventh Avenue near 9th Street (Now open)
--Living on Fifth. Fifth Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets (Now open)
--The Black Pearl. Union Street between 7th and 6th Avenue (Now open)
--Rachel's Taqueria on Fifth Avenue between 6th & 7th Sts. (Now open)
--What's gone in instead of Cornbread Cafe? (Does this mean Cornbread closed and i didn't even notice??)
--Microchip Cafe moved into the same storefront as the Car Service on 1st between Seventh and Sixth Avenue (Now open).

in other (and far more important) news, the gate is serving pumkinhead ale, and brooklyn social is hawking what i think is a sixpoint pumkin...

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