28 October 2005

i thought it was me!

i totally had McCann's instant irish oatmeal, maple & brown sugar flavor, yesterday for breakfast. later on, i kept smelling it again and wondering how the hell i was still smelling the oatmeal i had for breakfast at like 11pm...turns out i guess i was smelling whatever the hell everyone else was smelling...i think it was just that everyone finally caved and had oatmeal for breakfast because it was so bloody cold yesterday.

i will take this opportunity to say that a friend i saw in atlanta this weekend confessed to me that even though she hated it when i ate oatmeal in college, she's now addicted to it. i am one dangerous individual.

here's a quote that makes no sense:
I thought it was like a baker was making sugar or something and they left it burning

how many bakers do you know "make" sugar?

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Pete said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this...

I read this and then sat here for about 5 minutes trying to remember your e-mail address so you would write about it. :)

There was this really angry guy who made the BEST FREAKIN' pancakes at the building I used to work at in NYC... we called him "Pancake James" because we were sure God Almighty had intented that man to do one thing-- make AWESOME PANCAKES, cooked on his Griddle of Rage.

He left about a month before I did, and we think that this might have been the work of Pancake James. A calling card, if you will.