31 October 2005

strange currencies

somethings from the weekend:

a guy who's family made swords drew a picture of my friend at

my friend and i saw the same crazy lady screaming "i am a doctor! i am a married man!" at different times on the F.

i found (and bought) irish bacon in inwood.

a drunk yalie drove me crazy from 207 to 59th street talking about how hard his life is and how he is treated like a "slave" by Morgan Stanley. for clarification, he wasn't talking to me, but the 14oz of his 40oz that were already inside him was increasing the volume exponentially.

i was removing a longsleeve shirt from under a shortsleeve shirt on the street in dumbo and was halfway done when i gave directions to a russian woman in a car who thought the best way to brighton beach was over the brooklyn bridge.

i accidentally sent a text message containing some rather embarassing information to
dodgeball, luckily, they did not dispatch it to all my friends.

i saw a bunny rabbit repeatedly rape a guinea pig.

it turns out that if a recipe for brunswick stew calls for five pounds of pork and chicken, it will yeild more stew than you have containers in which to store it.

brunswick stew is delicious, but i'm already sick of it.

brooklyn pennant ale is still available.

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