03 October 2005

how to be a christmas and easter Jew

i'm going to a friend's for Rosh Hashanah tomorrow night and we're discussing the menu. i was looking through recipes when i discovered this little gem:


1 qt. ready Borscht

8 oz. sour cream
8 oz. plain yogurt

Strain Borscht.
Mix sour cream and yogurt on medium speed until blended. Add Borscht slowly, blend. Refrigerate.

You'd think a recipe for Borscht might not call for a qt. of "ready made" borscht...rather, it would tell you how to acutally make the shit yourself. guess not...L'shana Tova!

I made a vat of borsch...it was not that difficult and ended up tasting pretty good. unfortunately i combined about five differenc recipes to get what i made, so i'll never be able to duplicate it. but it seemed to go over well at the dinner. which, like larry david, i left before dessert...sorry!

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