16 September 2005

panic on the streets of anywhere

what is it with the media and scaring people (or trying to)? we live on a planet...things happen to planets, just like they do to people. sometimes you get a zit and sometimes a volcano errupts. you can't live anywhere and avoid everything, risk is part of life. we mourn the loss of lives under any circumstances, but running around yelling about "what would happen to new york?" or "look out san francisco!" isn't really doing anyone a whole lot of good. you know what will happen if new york floods? we'll deal. that's what people did on sept. 11, that's what people do when shit happens. because we have no other choice. we cannot protect ourselves from everything. i'm tired of people trying to convince each other that there is some way to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with natural or terrorist-caused disasters. life's a bitch.

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