27 September 2005

George W. Bush is a Genius

despite all evidence to the contrary, it appears that GWB might be the smartest man walking the face of the earth. He's decided to call for a reduction of gas consumption and asked Americans to drive less (?!?!?!do people know how to do that?). AND: He also issued a directive for all federal agencies to cut their own energy use and to encourage employees to use public transportation.
Whoa, federal employees on public transportation? Are we sure that's a safe idea?

Don't get too excited, though, W was up to his old tricks moments later, "promising" to continue relaxing environmental and transportation rules in an effort to get more gasoline flowing.

la la la, no one will notice: Mr. Bush's comments, while similar to remarks he made shortly after the disruption from Hurricane Katrina pushed gasoline prices sharply higher, were particularly notable because the administration has long emphasized new production over conservation. It has also opted not to impose higher mileage standards on automakers.

the Times does the best to rile its readers by including quotes from Evil Dick Cheney and Ari "it's not my fault" Fleischer from 2001: In 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney said, "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it cannot be the basis of a sound energy policy." Also that year, Ari Fleischer, then Mr. Bush's press secretary, responded to a question about reducing American energy consumption by saying "that's a big no."
"The president believes that it's an American way of life," Mr. Fleischer said.

Uh-0h Spaghetti-oh's
In Washington, two House committees are expected to consider proposals this week that have been blocked in the past by environmental objections. Beyond making it easier to build new refineries, one proposal would allow states to opt out of Congressional bans on coastal oil drilling, and another would allow drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which has been controversial for years.
Is this sentence even necessary? The oil and gas industry supported the moves.

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NYSEgirl said...

You know what I say to GWB's "conservation" program. Buy a damn bike.