22 September 2005

now you can pee on the street legally

some spaniards are going to design public loos and bus shelters for us. they are so nice.

remake the city's jumbled streetscape by providing aesthetic order to its thousands of bus shelters and newsstands and, perhaps most intriguing, installing 20 freestanding public toilets on city streets.
this is new york, what are we going to do with "aesthetic order"?

Cemusa would install the amenities without charge, and pay a fee, in exchange for the city's permission to sell advertising on the toilets, bus shelters and newsstands.
there's the rub. however, i'd take the amount of advertising in the tube and have them in the subway if we could get the stations 1/2 as clean.

"The toilets are not new to them. They've done them. A toilet is a toilet."

Under the city's plan, the newsstands would be owned by Cemusa. Most of the existing newsstand owners would be allowed to remain, but they would not share in the advertising revenue.

here's what someone from Cemusa said: "We are excited, and we know we're going to do a good job,"
so everything should be just fine, then.

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