21 September 2005

that's it, everyone to the SkyDome

former place of refuge (sort of) houston is being evacuated by its mayor, who admits that there aren't enough public vehicles to get everyone out and is urging his city's citizens to help each other out and take extra people with them. George II decided it might be smart to make a comment on the storm before it happens and said, We hope and pray that Hurricane Rita will not be a devastating storm. But we've got to be ready for the worst.

the bbc reports: Troops and supplies are already being brought to the region to deal with the hurricane's aftermath. such a novel idea!

and just in case those who were in the shit for katrina weren't satisfied with their suffering: Several thousand Louisiana residents - who found shelter in Texas after their homes were wrecked by Hurricane Katrina - are being uprooted again and moved to Arkansas and Tennessee. i really hope someone takes these people to dollywood, after all they've been through, they need a little perking up, and she's just the person to do it.

hm, what's that word?? necrophilia? no. narcolepsy? no. nepotism!! that's it. i bet jebby gets all the national guard and bottled water he needs: Florida Governor Jeb Bush had declared a state of emergency in the state, which allows the state to oversee evacuations and call in the National Guard.

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