27 September 2005

the MTA hates you

it seems as though not only is the MTA on "track" (sorry) to have a near $1 billion surplus (um, i could spend that money in about ten seconds), but they've also bought some concrete railway ties, which makes no sense to me anyway -- where's good old steel when you need it? -- that were supposed to last over 40 years, but will need to be replaced after...eight years. Oh, yes, coming up 32+ years short of their expected life span.
I dare you not to laugh: Mr. Hevesi described the deterioration of the track ties as "a management problem."

So back to that surplus, guess what the MTA wants to do with it. Here's a quiz
A. clean and repair the stations
B. improve service
C. build a deck over the west side rail yards
D. lower the fare
do do do do do do do, do do do do do, dododododo, do do do do do do do, do, dodo, do, do, do, do.

answer: C! hurrah. something that effects no passengers whatsoever. YES!

Hevesi wants to offset the fare increase scheduled for '07, but i really think the money's better spent improving the system over all. get some freaking sponges and scrub off the tiles. fix all those leaks. put in better turnstyles, get those LCD things in quicker....

the post and daily news use puns, too.
"The state Legislature did not raise taxes and fees so the MTA could build a platform," amen.

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