22 September 2005

an extra shot of cuervo for the rita

rita's a 5... most people who know about this kind of stuff are saying that it can't sustain category 5 status for long. at the moment, that crazy bitch is spinning with winds around 170mph (273kmph), which i'm pretty sure would, well, blow.

here's how the government is handing things this time around:
The Air National Guard has also moved several of its aircraft to Austin from Houston as a precaution.
Wasn't GII in the ANG? let's see his ass back in a plane, i don't even care if he brings that "mission accomplished" banner with him.

In new orleans, they've decided to be a little more pro-active this time...
The mayor said Tuesday that as many as 500 buses were ready to evacuate the few thousand citizens who may remain.
apparently the busses are equiped with air con and TV's. who says you can't run frantically in style? and where the hell were these busses last time?

two category 3s did a fair amount of damage...
Longtime residents in Houston remembered the ravages of the last hurricane to strike the city, Hurricane Alicia, in August 1983. Although barely a Category 3 storm, it was responsible for six deaths and devastated the downtown skyline with 80 m.p.h. winds, shattering hundreds of windows and leaving the streets ankle-deep in glass.
Galveston was perhaps more nervous than any other city, having just marked the 105th anniversary of the great storm of 1900, which killed more than 6,000 residents and remains the deadliest natural disaster in the nation's history.
ankle-deep in glass. that's quite an image...

and where would be be without the quote from someone who puts their faith in God? what i really don't understand about this kind of talk is why no one seems to be getting pissed at God, who could have easily caused this mess.
"I'm placing my fate in God's hands,"

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