20 September 2005

why i like fark

someone put a bunch of speech bubbles all over the city and then went back and took pictures of what people wrote...

which reminds me, i ran into my first yellow arrow this weekend, at the Streit's matzoh factory...it was really interesting, they do a great job of explaining not only what you're looking at, but a little bit about the area as well. like how the blue fire escape across the street was painted by the people who started putting "fancy restaurants on clinton street".

*The Award of Excellence, to be given today, salutes Wal-Mart for moving the trees from a 5-acre wetland destroyed by the store and its parking lot.
*But man-made wetlands, known as mitigation, often fail.
*Wal-Mart was the only entry.

the is the most commonly used word in the english language.

The design simply represents a spinning ice-cream cone

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