28 September 2005

time out is 10!

so i got my Time Out New York just now, and it's all "we're ten". not only that, but they've included a "souvenir poster", with all the covers from the beginning of TONY time on it. ask yourself, what would you do if you walked into someone's apartment (assuming they do/did not work for TONY) and saw this poster, framed in their living room?

once you tear off the rubbish, Parker Posey reveals herself as the cover girl. everyone loves parker posey.

there's a great story about one of the MacArthur "geniuses" getting her award:

at first i thought they were calling me to recommend somebody, but when he said, "are you sitting down?" that's when i started to think, okay, maybe...and he made a point of making sure i was in a really private, quiet place. i closed the door to my office -- thank god i have an office --
she's lucky he wasn't just a pervert making a phone sex call, anyway:
sat back down and he said, "i'm sure you've heard of the macarthur 'genius' awards, and this year you're one of them".
so now we all know what it is like when they call you up to tell you they're gonna give you500k to use however you see fit.
and there's a great list of new york-centric songs and books set in ny.

it's a pretty fun issue. the kind i'd recommend you go to a barnes & noble and read there, then put it back and go along your merry way.

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