13 September 2005

lift my head, i'm still yawning

gifford miller was totally kissing the slope's collective ass this morning, he shook my hand at the subway stop. he looks like a slimeball, but he makes a good case. i didn't vote b/c i'm not registered as a democrat, and i kind of wanted to tell him that. i also wanted to ask him for his home number so if he got elected and fell short of any of his campaign promises i could call him up and bitch him out on a daily basis, but i didn't do that either.

coming out of the subway in the city i was behind an old dude in a suit who was moving a little slowly. normally slow people make me want to breathe fire (or throw rocks), but this guy was obviously moving as fast as he could. as we are going through those totally moronic relvolving-door-exits from the subway, the guy behind me starts pushing it really fast, clipping the old dude as he was trying to emerge from the cage. seriously, what's the point of doing that? poor dude is just trying to make it out of the spinning death trap, let him take an extra .5 seconds. jesus. i called him a prick, but i don't think he heard me, so now i'm calling him a prick on the internet. prick.

and finally, why is there a fox news truck outside of my office?

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