16 September 2005

i'm tired of thinking of headlines

so here's some stuff without them.

dude, they already have free healthcare, but now the canadians are gonna get nation-wide wifi? canada rocks.

there's one more island in the neighborhood this week.

the subway isn't doing much of anything. the R is going over the bridge. and your friendly reminder at the bottom of the advisory email for this week: Do not lean on train doors

OH MY F'ING JESUS CHRIST this is THE COOLEST thing i've ever seen. my favorite indoor activity according to a close friend of mine is "reading while taking a bath" and it's no lie...and i am soooo gonna get me one of these. and it comes in orange!!!! (bless you, gizmodo)

i don't really get this, but i'm pretty sure everyone's gonna have one in a couple of years. tv on the computer??

source for all things good and time-wasting, screenhead, found this homemade version of the hp photo adverts...i'm fucking impressed.

a man. a couch. manhattan. (screenhead some more)

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